Saturday, June 27, 2009

408 Westminster Ave

One beautiful day for a baby shower at Sandy's Tropical Paradise at 408 Westminster Ave. Here are my stampin' family. Left to right: Sandy, Kathy, Grace, Me, Tracey, Kai, Coral, Amy, Karina, Andrea and Ann.

Tracey and Coral are checking out the 6x6 pages everyone made for Baby Boy Lau.

Sandy sharing a cold one with Amy.

My sister, Andrea and Amy...cheers.

Grace double fisting some spiked lemonade. I heard it was good.

Ahhh, the yummy, oh so yummy. Sandy's delicious cupcakes. As you can see...Grace and Kai were not shy about taking one of each kind. Who could resist? I couldn't.

Me and Tracey

Yeah, Karina made it to the party. Thumbs up on the food.

This was my you can see...there was no cupcake to be seen. Cause I already ate it. I started with a cupcake and ended with a cupcake. Sandy's pumpkin with fresh whipped cream topped with a little cinnamon. Yum! Yum!

I love berries. Thanks Coral.

Andrea brought the fruit refreshing.

Cupcakes...I love cupcakes. The ones on the left are my fav.

Amy brought Portos and Popeye's, got to love it.

All the yummy food...thanks Ann for bringing the Diane salad.

Card by Ann

Card by Grace

Card by Sandy

Card by Coral...I'm going to use this one to complete the 6x6 spread. =)

I was inspired by Priscilla for making these double-pocket bags. I made one and thought...I can make 11 more. And I and simple to make. Thanks for the inspiration.

Card by Amy

Card by Kathy. Will be sure to use this as an embellishment for Baby Lau's scrapbook.

Gift bag by Kathy

Gift bag/card by Kai. So clever...a 2 in 1.

Ahhhh, Ann decorated this album for baby lau. I love it...thank you Ann. Love the pages that everyone made...I can't wait to complete the pages with photos.

Page by Sandy

Page by Ann

Pages by Amy

Page by Andrea

Page by Coral

Spread by Tracey

Left page by Grace. Right page by Karina

Spread by Kathy

Spread by Ann

36 weeks 3 days

Just wanted to share a couple pictures of the baby bump...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thanks So Much

I received this beautiful thank you card from Regina Chinn today. Remember the friend that came for a visit with her husband from Seattle? She wanted me to take notice that this is a product of some of the finds we bought at Fabric Barn along with some Stampin' Up! products. The leaves/branches is ribbon we found along with the turquoise rhinestones.

I love this card...Regina, this is so beautiful. I love the color combination, the layout, the asian nod and of course the bling!

We had our 36 week check up with the doctor and everything is still on track. My bump is getting big and I've officially gone into nesting mode.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Little Yellow Duckie

Here's a share that my friend Tiffany had created for my baby shower over at GC3 with my old design team. It was very sweet and thoughtful...the only bummer was that she wasn't feeling well that day and stayed home. Thank you Tiff... for your time, your thoughtfulness, your're a great friend. Everything was super cute. Thank you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cute Little Crochet Shoes & Sandals

This is my friend Pauline...yes, she's prego too. We met up with Pauline tonight at Savoy for dinner...she's about 38 weeks and will be having her baby on Monday! I'm 35 we have a few more weeks to go. She's the very talented one that made Baby Boy Lau all the cute little crochet shoes and sandals. So stinkin' adorable. Just had to share her creations. Thanks Pauline.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

From My Friends at SCIF

Last night, I was so touched by my long time stamping friends in Monterey Park. I've been doing monthly workshops for them for about 8 years. I walked in to the room all ready to set-up for a workshop...and they surprised with a baby shower! Very sweet and they surprised me all right. Here are the handstamped cards they made for me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

34 week update

Norm's hair is growing out nicely...especially since he has not had a haircut since we found out that we were expecting. We had our check-up with the doctor today and I'm happy to report that we're on track. The test results look good, baby's heartbeat sounds great and I didn't gain any weight. More In and Out burgers and Jamba Juice for me! One things for sure...the belly is getting heavy. Just 6 more weeks to go.