Monday, October 31, 2011

Birthday Celebration Continues on Halloween 2011

  12 months, 12 friends. Not easy to the get the exact photo...not even close.

 Olivia's favorite friend is the pink bunny. It is very loved.

 Cousins: Evan, Olivia and Landon
 Cousins: Olivia and Abi
 This was the best of a gazillions of photos taken of the four babies.
 Happy Birthday Olivia!

 Ut-O, looks like someone got cake on her toes!
Oh, Daddy!

Birthday Treats!

Olivia is so lucky to have Auntie Joycee make cake pops for her first birthday. She loves her singing doll too! So silly.

Happy First Birthday Olivia!

 We celebrated with family at Top Island Restaurant on Sat., Oct 29th for Olivia's First Birthday. Mango Cake was yummy.

 Yeah, we're all looking in the same direction! That's a very big deal!
 She loves the guitar. When she hears music she sits and turns her body...dancing Olivia style.
 She loves to play with her tongue.
Hmmm, this phone looks good enough to eat.
 Landon left one of his cars out...yeah!
 Landon's checking out all of Olivia's new birthday toys.
 Olivia loves to push buttons.
 Wow! Olivia is tall.
"Yeah!", says Landon. I got the phone.
Busted. Olivia caught climbing on top of the bench.

Happy First Birthday Olivia. She loves to dance and sing. She has been a better solid food eater. We recently introduced avocado to her and she loves it. She's eating porridge with chicken, carrots, peas and spinach, bananas, cheerios, bread and plain yogurt. She still only has three teeth. Two at the bottom and one on top...we might be gumming food for awhile longer baby O.

Landon and Olivia have been sharing a room for awhile now and it's working out great! She still cruises around and can pull herself up. She hasn't taken any steps on her own but she can take steps when hanging on. She can climb on and off ride-on vechicles in the house and loves to climb onto Landon's bed and roll around. 

One of the signs that can tell you that Olivia is happy is when she swings her legs...sure sign of pure happiness. She enjoys watching Baby Einstein DVDs and explore the house. One of her favorite plush friends is her pink bunny. She likes to give it hugs and dances with it stinkin' cute!

Happy 1 year old Olivia baby. Mommy loves you.

Happy Halloween 2011 from Woody and Jessie!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Landon Boy!

Landon got his much needed haircut today!

Landon with his friends Buzz and Woody

Disneyland - October 22, 2011

 Oh, only if we weren't squinting our eyes!
 So cute!
 I need to work on my timing when we go on the It's a Small never fails, Olivia always fall asleep before we get there. She still hasn't made it on once.
Our Auntie Angela's first visit to Disneyland, ever! If we had known, 
we would have invited her to come with us a long long time ago.
 Landon got to experience Astro Blaster's for the very first time. We were able to keep him interested in staying in line for 20 minutes...all because we kept telling him that he would get to see Buzz. And when he finally did see him...his eyes were glued to Buzz and I could tell he was so excited.
 He actually stood still for quite awhile...he was so happy!
 When we got on the ride, he couldn't believe that we were going to be shooting targets!
 He loves Woody, Buzz and Rex is one of his newest friends.
 He was a happy little boy! Seeing Buzz all around!
 He loves water fountains...but what kid doesn't. I love them too!